Let's work together.
To help you pain less, and live more.


ORIGEN provides personalized orthopedic care and health optimization services to match your unique needs and goals.


The aim is to restore your body’s best function with treatments that target the root cause of your musculoskeletal pain. To get you back to what you love, as fast as possible.


Does Not Equal Surgery


Orthopedics: A branch of medicine focused on the health and treatment of the musculoskeletal (MSK) system – muscles, tendons, ligaments, bones, joints and spine.

The goods news is that 70% of the time the solution for common orthopedic injuries will not involve surgery.

We are not surgeons. We are dedicated orthopedists.

If you are seeking a non-surgical solution, we're so glad you found us.

Because that is what we do best.


Tapping our colleagues when surgery is the right thing to do.

When situations call for surgery, we personally coordinate your care with a vetted network of the best local, regional, and national surgical specialists.

What is optimal health?

ORIGEN defines optimal health as the peak version of you — strength, mobility, energy and vitality.

Our guiding principles.

Our approach blends timeless health best practices with leading edge lab diagnostics, technology, and treatments.

Joining you on the journey to restore, rebuild and strive for the best version of health.

Improving lifespan and healthspan.

Lifespan is how long you live. Healthspan is the quality of your health over your lifetime.

Origen wants to help you dramatically improve both.

man riding bicycle in morning

3 Reasons Doctors NEVER Get Surgery

And You Shouldn't Either

Imagine not needing pain medication any longer.
No longer counting the days until “unavoidable” surgery.

Within your body you have built-in, joint-preserving, longevity programming. You just need to learn how to activate it!

There IS another path to explore.

Achieving a true sense of health requires the optimal function and health of your musculoskeletal system — they are sides of the same coin. That’s why Origen’s proprietary integrative treatments focus on both.

What do ORIGEN’s patients have to say?

These videos explain our unique approach


About Dr. Tait

John Tait, DO is the founder of ORIGEN Orthopedics + Optimal Health, a medical practice that applies the principles of Functional and Regenerative Medicine to patients with the goal of lengthening the lifespan of their joints, while simultaneously improving their total health.

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